I asked my self this question at 5;32am last week. My boyfriend has been going to RogueandSaint bootcamp consistently and finally roped me into trying it.

This place is serious business. From the entrance lined with artsy bondage photographs to the dark and funky club lighting in the studio portion. The decor was enough to awaken the sleepy senses and pique my curiosity.

Matt, the instructor, was awesome. He kept us engaged, had the right amount of yelling tactics and kept us motivated through letting everyone know what was happening next. Matt gave the crew just enough time to digest the impending physical doom but not enough time to run out the side door. That’s a sign of a great teacher.

At the end, I decided on dubbing myself a rogue. Mostly because I was taking a little detour from my current life of yoga teacher training right now. Switching up my exercise was the best thing I could’ve done for my body and mind. Plateau’s can happen and catching some of those outlaw vibes can keep the spirit fresh and maybe just a little mischeivious.

1919 Mission st |





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